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The Impact of Generative AI in Marketing

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

Outsider using technology and AI
Marketing and ChatGPT

Generative AI and Marketing.

Its clearly an industry that create copy, visuals, but importantly, marketing is about understanding and playing to people's needs, wants and desires.

It is much more than words on a page, its creative, it's explosive, it's daring, and really good marketing, is.. well.. hard to forget. How could #chatGPT hold a candle to this inherently creative and human industry?

It was our great pleasure to sit down with David Morgan, The CMO50 award winner, a veteran in the marketing arena to discuss the role of Generative AI in this industry, and where he thinks it could fit. He's done it all, from the heights of global companies running billion dollar campaigns, to running his own business.

He's thoughtful, careful, and rich in his analysis and vision, and a pleasure as always to talk with on the role of #ai in #business.

Listen to the conversation here:




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