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ChatGPT demonstration for Financial Services

I recently had the pleasure of appearing at the Macquarie Bank annual conference covering the application of ChatGPT across financial services, with the Head of Quantitative Research, John Conomos. Some highlights here around the existential threat of the system, and use cases.

Overall, the conference was a great opportunity to showcase some of the formidable ability of ChatGPT, but also some of the relevant weaknesses that can arise.

Of the major use cases, I demonstrated how I can take a transcript from Philip Lowe, the governor of the RBA, and

- Summarise it into four points

- Create non-technical elements

- Compare it to my investment thesis to see where we agree or disagree

- Receive recommendations on how to test the disagreement

- Analyse his tone for specific emotive elements

The audience expectedly asked questions around how to think about this for their business, as well as risks (both business and regulatory).

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