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De-risking AI adoption

We help organisations identify, understand and adopt cutting-edge artificial intelligence tools to propel their business growth.
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What we do

AI adoption is tough, mainly because companies face three big gaps: they don't fully understand AI's potential, struggle to execute AI projects well, and their teams aren't ready to use AI effectively. 

We step in to solve these problems.

We guide companies from start to finish in their AI journey, offering unbiased advice, training, research and software development on how Generative AI can make their operations more efficient.


Whether it's filling in for busy tech teams or boosting existing data science efforts, we make sure your AI projects succeed and align with your business goals.


In short, we help companies get past the hurdles and truly benefit from AI no matter where they are in the adoption cycle.

Where are you today?

We are looking at use cases, and need help forming these and investigating how Gen AI could help us solve them. Our use cases are quite specialised, and we need thorough help.

We have use cases, and need to build safe, effective pilot software that  showcases these solutions, and is scalable across our organisation. We need fast, effective development resources experienced in Gen AI.

We have invested in developing Generative AI solutions but aren't seeing the traction that we expected from our staff. We need help getting people aligned, trained and excited about Gen AI.

Running Workshops, Webinars and Conferences

Executive Workshop 

Join our specialized workshop designed exclusively for your company's executives to explore the promising potential of ChatGPT and GPT-4 technologies.


Through expert-guided sessions, practical exercises, and collaborative peer discussions, your leadership team will acquire essential knowledge, tools, and confidence to make well-informed decisions.


This workshop will enable your executives to successfully implement AI-driven strategies that foster growth and innovation. Capitalize on this opportunity to maintain a competitive edge and ensure your organization's long-term success in an increasingly AI-driven business landscape.

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Our Clients and Partners

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Meet The Founders
Business Leaders with Technical Know-how

Dr. Michael G. Kollo

CEO, Co-Founder

Michael is an experienced business leader with a strong technical foundation in statistical AI systems.

 He began his career with a PhD in Finance from the London School of Economics, eventually moving into institutional asset management and quantitative research (Blackrock, Fidelity, AXA). Later, transitioning to the development of AI systems for institutional investment programmes, while continuing to teach Masters courses in quantitative techniques and analysis at LSE and Imperial College.

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Martin Genesse

ED, Co-Founder

Martin is an experienced technology and data science leader with over a decade of experience in data science and machine learning, transforming organisations by building bridges between human stakeholders and AI systems. He began his career as a quantitative researcher with degrees in economics and computer science, compiling research products related to taxation and fiscal non-compliance. He spent the last 3 years leading teams responsible for developing and deploying machine learning applications.

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