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If artificial intelligence is so powerful, why aren't businesses using it?

"In recent surveys, only 40% of Australians said they trust AI in the workplace"

University of Queensland

Our Story

As Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become more powerful over the years, the gap between those who create it and those who use it has grown bigger. As a result, many industries are struggling to adopt AI even with increased investments and support from business leaders and tech companies.


We wondered, why is AI adoption so hard for so many? If AI is so powerful, why aren't more people using it?

We found that a big part of the problem is a lack of understanding about AI within companies, from top executives to analysts. This leads to mis-alignment, unrealistic expectations, disappointment, distrust, and even giving up on AI altogether.

We discovered that successful AI adoption puts people first, focusing on empowering the workforce and aligning everyone behind a shared business strategy where AI is a key component.

To tackle these challenges, we believe in a human-centered approach that includes training, education, and a deep understanding of cognition and reasoning to help align human and machine understanding of the world.

We founded Evolved Reasoning with a simple mission: to empower people with greater capability to reason through the use of AI. 

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