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SkyNews Australia 

It was my pleasure to be invited to Sky News to discuss AI adoption in Australia. My intention through has been to provide a positive and excited vision for AI in our future, so hopefully managed that in the brief time I was on.

Ausbiz Interview

We are a nation of entrepreneurs, builders and pioneers. We don’t fear our shadows, and we certainly don’t back down from challenges.

The potential of AI is to build and improve our great nation, not to threaten it.

And yet Australia ranks at the lowest of 17 nations when it comes to understanding the benefits and advantages of AI. And we rank the highest about awareness of uncertainty and fear. That’s not a good mix, and one we need to change.

"AI is here to stay, set to become more sophisticated and intelligent, and it’s something to get excited about, not “fear,” says Evolved Reasoning CEO Dr Michael Kollo. “That’s not something to fear; that’s something to pay attention to,” Dr Kollo told Sky News Australia. “Something to get excited about." 

Podcast Interviews

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Netwealth Podcast

Michael Kollo sits down with Matt Heine to discuss the importance and impact of Generative AI in the advise industry, from unlocking efficiencies to changing the face of the industry in the years to come.


A Sustainable Future Podcast

Michael speaks with Man Group on the the Fear of Generative AI and What Comes After. Michael discusses the potential impacts that are now evident and forthcoming in the financial services industry for asset managers and hedge funds alike.

Are you a robot?

Michael discusses the implications of Generative AI for the workforce, and its potential implications for societal impacts.

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INBrief - The Inside Network

Michael Kollo from Evolved Reasoning speaks with Drew Meredith at The Inside Network’s Growth Symposium on how AI will touch on every point of the adviser workflow.

The Analytics Show 

Michael Kollo and Jason Tan discuss the advent of growing Generative AI applications across a range of industries.

"The impact on the workforce will be significant, though I doubt that these systems can be utilised to automate tasks yet, but they will act as a strong augmentation for workers and citizens alike."
Dr Kollo, 2023

Podcast by Dr. Michael Kollo

An accessible and friendly podcast about the applications of Generative AI across the arts, media, business and financial services. We make the topic of accessible AI interesting, engaging and accessible no matter where you are on the journey, and no matter which industry you're from. Hosted by Dr Michael Kollo from Evolved Reasoning and Jamie van Leeuwen from Absolutely AI.

Tune in on:

"The danger is that you stop looking for tools, that you basically go 'you know what, I'm just going to keep doing it the same way forever, and hoping that that's going to be enough'."
- Daily Mail, July 2023

Michael Talks about Generative AI at the annual Macquarie Conference

Describing the characteristics of AI systems, and how they can help and develop industry through responsible adoption.

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