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Man Group interviews Mike on Gen AI


Is AI your co-worker or your job replacement? Listen to Jason Mitchell discuss with Dr. Mike Kollo, CEO of Evolved Reasoning, about how to think through the implications of generative AI."

I had the pleasure of speaking with Jason from Man Group on the Sustainable Future Podcast series.

Its a pretty involved conversation, we talk about a wide range of issues from economic impacts, to society considerations, to the technology and technical elements of Generative AI.

I've asked chatGPT to summarise some of headlines, but its best to take a listen too. :)

Jason Mitchell, the interviewer, primarily focuses on probing Dr. Mike Kollo about the implications of generative AI. He initiates the conversation by asking about the definition of generative AI and its potential to either herald a new Age of Enlightenment or a new industrial revolution. Jason further delves into the fears and uncertainties surrounding AI, particularly its potential existential risks and the impact on trust in the workplace. He also explores the potential productivity gains from generative AI and its possible effects on labor markets. Towards the end, Jason discusses the potential of generative AI to fulfill Keynes' vision of a 15-hour work week and the reality of its integration into capitalist systems.

For the full interview, click here:

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